HP Compaq DC Power Jack

Compaq Presario V4000 V4100 V4200 V4300 V4400 HP Pavilion DV4000 DV4100 DV4200 DV4300 DV4400 Laptop AC DC Power Jack Connector Socket Charging Port Replacement
Compaq Presario V4000 V4100 V4200 V4300 V4400 HP Pavilion DV4000 DV4100 DV4200 DV4300 DV4400 Laptop AC DC Power Jack Connector Socket Charging Port Replacement
  • Model: A017001

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Compaq Presario V4000 V4100 V4200 V4300 V4400 HP Pavilion DV4000 DV4100 DV4200 DV4300 DV4400 Series Laptops Genuine OEM Original AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port Replacement
Item SKU: A017001 (65W/90W Versions in Choice)
 90W HP Compaq DC Power Jack requiries a bullet shape power adapter plug, a 65W DC Power Jack can replace the 90W version 100%
Item Specification:
 1.65mm Central Pin DC Power Jack
 DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port
Item Status: New, Genuine OEM, Original, TOP Quality
Reference Compatible Laptop Models:
 Compaq Presario V4000 V4100 V4200 V4300 V4400 Series DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port: V4000 CTO V4000 V4000T CTO V4000XX V4001AP V4002AP V4002XX V4003AP V4003XX V4004AP V4004XX V4005CL V4005XX V4015US V4020US V4025US V4035CA V4035EA V4035US V4040EA V4050EA V4055EA V4058EA V4060EA V4075EA V4100 CTO V4101AP V4102AP V4103AP V4104AP V4105AP V4106AP V4107AP V4108AP V4109AP V4110AP V4110EA V4111AP V4112AP V4113AP V4114AP V4115AP V4116AP V4117AP V4118AP V4119AP V4120EA V4120TU V4120US V4121TU V4122TU V4125CL V4130EA V4133EA V4135US V4144EA V4145EA V4146EA V4147EA V4160EA V4200 CTO V4201TU V4201XX V4202EA V4202TU V4202XX V4203EA V4203TU V4203XX V4204TU V4205EA V4205TU V4206TU V4207TU V4208TU V4209TU V4210TU V4211TU V4212TU V4213TU V4214TU V4215EA v4215TU V4216TU V4217EA V4217TU V4218TU V4219TU V4220EA V4220NR V4220TU V4221TU V4222TU V4223TU V4224TU V4225TU V4226TU V4227TU V4228TU V4229TU V4230TU V4231TU V4232TU V4233TU V4240US V4245US V4260EA V4263EA V4265EA V4274EA V4275EA V4276EA V4278EA V4285EA V4305EA V4308EA V4310NR V4320EA V4322EA V4325CA V4325US V4332EA V4332US V4333EA V4335EA V4336EA V4338EA V4347EA V4354EA V4376EA V4377EA V4382EA V4387EA V4400 CTO V4401TU V4402TU V4402XX V4403TU V4404TU V4405TU V4406TU V4407TU V4408TU V4435NR V4440US V4450EA ..
 HP Pavilion DV4000 DV4100 DV4200 DV4300 DV4400 Series DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port: DV4000 CTO DV4000LA DV4000XX DV4001AP DV4001EA DV4001XX DV4002AP DV4003AP DV4004AP DV4004XX DV4005AP DV4005US DV4005XX DV4006AP DV4006XX DV4007AP DV4007XX DV4008AP DV4009AP DV4010AP DV4011AP DV4012AP DV4013AP DV4014AP DV4014EA DV4015AP DV4015CL DV4015EA DV4016AP DV4016EA DV4017AP DV4017EA DV4018AP DV4018CL DV4018EA DV4019AP DV4019EA DV4020AP DV4020EA DV4021AP DV4021EA DV4022AP DV4022EA DV4023AP DV4023EA DV4024AP DV4024EA DV4025AP DV4025EA DV4026AP DV4027EA DV4029EA DV4030CA DV4030EA DV4030US DV4031EA DV4040CA DV4040EA DV4040US DV4043EA DV4045EA DV4046EA DV4049EA DV4050EA DV4051EA DV4052EA DV4054EA DV4056EA DV4057EA DV4060EA DV4070EA DV4073EA DV4075EA DV4078EA DV4080EA DV4085EA DV4086EA DV4100 CTO DV4100 DV4101AP DV4102AP DV4102EA DV4103AP DV4103EA DV4104AP DV4105AP DV4106AP DV4107AP DV4108AP DV4108EA DV4109AP DV4109EA DV4110AP DV4110EA DV4111AP DV4112AP DV4113AP DV4113EA DV4114AP DV4115AP DV4115EA DV4116AP DV4117AP DV4118AP DV4119AP DV4120AP DV4121AP DV4122AP DV4122EA DV4123AP DV4124AP DV4124EA DV4125AP DV4125EA DV4125US DV4126AP DV4126EA DV4127AP DV4128AP DV4128EA DV4129AP DV4129EA DV4129US DV4130AP DV4130ea DV4130US DV4131EA DV4134EA DV4135EA DV4135LA DV4136EA DV4137EA DV4138EA DV4139EA DV4140EA DV4141EA DV4142EA DV4143EA DV4144EA DV4145EA DV4146EA DV4148EA DV4149EA DV4150CA DV4150EA DV4150US DV4151EA DV4152EA DV4153EA DV4154EA DV4155CL DV4155EA DV4155US DV4156EA DV4157EA DV4158EA DV4159EA DV4160EA DV4161EA DV4162EA DV4163EA DV4164EA DV4165CL DV4165EA DV4170CA DV4170US DV4174EA DV4176EA DV4178EA DV4182EA DV4199EA DV4200 CTO DV4200 DV4200EA DV4201EA DV4201TU DV4201TX DV4201XX DV4202EA DV4202TU DV4202TX DV4202XX DV4203EA DV4203TU DV4203TX DV4203XX DV4204EA DV4204TU DV4204TX DV4205EA DV4205TU DV4205TX DV4206EA DV4206TU DV4206TX DV4207EA DV4207TU DV4207TX DV4208EA DV4208TX DV4209TX DV4210TX DV4211TX DV4212TX DV4213EA DV4213TX DV4214TX DV4215TX DV4216EA DV4216TX DV4217CL DV4217TX DV4218EA DV4218TX DV4219TX DV4220TX DV4221TX DV4222TX DV4223CL DV4223EA DV4223TX DV4224EA DV4224TX DV4225EA DV4225NR DV4225TX DV4226EA DV4226TX DV4227EA DV4230US DV4231EA DV4232EA DV4234EA DV4235EA DV4236EA DV4241EA DV4243EA DV4245EA DV4246EA DV4250CA DV4250EA DV4250US DV4251EA DV4253EA DV4253US DV4254EA DV4257US DV4261EA DV4264EA DV4266EA DV4268EA DV4269EA DV4269US DV4270CA DV4270EA DV4270US DV4271EA DV4272EA DV4272US DV4273EA DV4275EA DV4275NR DV4276EA DV4277EA DV4280EA DV4282EA DV4283EA DV4284EA DV4285EA DV4287EA DV4288EA DV4289EA DV4290EA DV4291EA DV4294EA DV4295EA DV4296EA DV4302EA DV4304EA DV4305EA DV4305US DV4306EA DV4307CA DV4307CL DV4308WM DV4309EA DV4310US DV4312EA DV4315EA DV4318EA DV4320US DV4321EA DV4322EA DV4324EA DV4325EA DV4326EA DV4327EA DV4330CA DV4330US DV4334EA DV4335EA DV4335NR DV4336EA DV4337EA DV4339EA DV4340CA DV4340US DV4342EA DV4344EA DV4346EA DV4348EA DV4350EA DV4351EA DV4353EA DV4354EA DV4356EA DV4357EA DV4358EA DV4360EA DV4363EA DV4364EA DV4365EA DV4367EA DV4368EA DV4376EA DV4378EA DV4379EA DV4381EA DV4383EA DV4384EA DV4385EA DV4386EA DV4388EA DV4391EA DV4392EA DV4394EA DV4395EA DV4396EA DV4398EA DV4400 CTO DV4401TU DV4401XX DV4402TU DV4405NR DV4410CA DV4410US DV4419US DV4420CA DV4420US DV4430EA DV4435EA DV4440EA DV4445EA DV4450EA ..