HP Compaq DC Power Jack

Packard Bell Acer Compaq ECS Fujitsu HP IBM 2.5mm Pin Laptop AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port Replacement
  • Packard Bell Acer Compaq ECS Fujitsu HP IBM 2.5mm Pin Laptop AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port Replacement
  • Packard Bell Acer Compaq ECS Fujitsu HP IBM 2.5mm Pin Laptop AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port Replacement
Packard Bell Acer Compaq ECS Fujitsu HP IBM 2.5mm Pin Laptop AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port Replacement
  • Model: A001013 A001003

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Acer Compaq ECS Fujitsu HP IBM Packard Bell Laptops AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port Replacement
Item SKU:
 A001013, 2.5mm Central Pin, WITH Removable Metal Shield
 A001003, 2.5mm Central Pin, NO Metal Shield
Item Specification:
 DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port
Item Status: New, High Quality
Compatible Laptop Models:
 Acer Aspire 1300 1301XV 1302 1304 1315LT
 ECS G550 G551 G710 G730 G731 G732 G736
 Fujitsu Siemens C1020 C2111
 IBM ThinkPad I 1400 1500 Series
 Packard Bell EasyNote 7321 7521
 Compaq Presario 1000 1010 1020 1030 1060 1065 1070 1072 1075 1080 1090 1090es 1110 1200 1207 1210 1215 1220es 1230 1232es 1234 1235 1236 1237 1238 1240 1242 1244 1245 1246 1247 1250 1252 1255 1256 1260 1266 1267 1270 1272 1273 1274 1275 1277 1278 1279 12XL 1200XL119 1200XL450 12XL101 12XL103 12XL104 12XL105 12XL106 12XL112 12XL113 12XL114 12XL118 12XL125 16XL 1600 1600s 1600l 1610 1611 1615 1620 1621 1622 1624 1625 1626 1630 1635 1636 1640 1650 1655 1660 1670 1675 1680 1681 1683 1685 1687 1688 1690 1692 1693 1694 1800 1805 1810
 Compaq Presario 2100 2500 2700 Series
 Compaq Prosignia 150 SMB
 Compaq Business Notebook NX9005 NX9008 NX9010
 HP Omnibook XE4100 XE4500 6000 Series
 HP Pavilion XZ133 XZ148 XZ163 XZ168 XZ275 XZ295 XZ335 ZX355 Series
 HP Pavilion XF125 XF145 XF235 XF255 XF315 XF325 XF328 XF335 Series
 HP Pavilion XT Series: XT115 XT118 XT125 XT128 XT155 XT178 XT183 XT188 XT200 XT236 XT276 XT345 XT375 XT395 XT412 XT500 XT512 XT545 XT555 XT565 XT575 XT585 XT595 XT4345QV XT4316WM XT4328CL XT4345QV XT5335QV XT5366WM XT5377QV XT5477WM
 HP Pavilion N Series:N3000 N3100 N3110 N3150 N3190 N3200 N3210 N3215 N3250 N3270 N3290 N3295 N3300 N3310 N3330 N3350 N3370 N3390 N3400 N3402 N3410 N3438 N3478 N3490
 HP Pavilion ZT Series: ZT1172 ZT1182
 HP Pavilion ZE Series DC Power Jack Connector: ZE1000 ZE1100 ZE1115 ZE1145 ZE1200 ZE1201 ZE1202 ZE1210 ZE1230 ZE1235 ZE1250 ZE1260 ZE4000 ZE4100 ZE4200 ZE4935 ZE4400 ZE4100 ZE4101 ZE4102 ZE4103S ZE4105S ZE4111S ZE4115 ZE4120S ZE4123 ZE4123S ZE4125 ZE4130 ZE4133 ZE4140 ZE4145 ZE4200 ZE4201 ZE4204 ZE4207 ZE4208 ZE4209 ZE4210 ZE4211 ZE4212 ZE4214 ZE4218 ZE4219 ZE4220 ZE4221 ZE4222 ZE4222AP ZE4224 ZE4228 ZE4229 ZE4230 ZE4231 ZE4232 ZE4234 ZE4236 ZE4239 ZE4240 ZE4241 ZE4251 ZE4257EA ZE4258 ZE4261 ZE4262 ZE4268 ZE4271 ZE4274 ZE4278 ZE4281 ZE4282 ZE4284 ZE4288 ZE4292 ZE4294 ZE4298 ZE4300 ZE4301 ZE4302 ZE4305EA ZE4306WM ZE4307LA ZE4308EA ZE4310 ZE4310EA ZE4311 ZE4312 ZE4313 ZE4314 ZE4315 ZE4315CA ZE4315US ZE4316 ZE4317 ZE4317EA ZE4318 ZE4318EA ZE4319 ZE4320EA ZE4321 ZE4321EA ZE4322EA ZE4323EA ZE4325CA ZE4325EA ZE4325US ZE4326 ZE4328US ZE4332EA ZE4333EA ZE4334EA ZE4335EA ZE4335US ZE4336EA ZE4345EA ZE4345US ZE4347EA ZE4348EA ZE4349EA ZE4351EA ZE4352EA ZE4353EA ZE4354EA ZE4355EA ZE4355US ZE4356EA ZE4357EA ZE4358US ZE4360EA ZE4365US ZE4367EA ZE4375EA ZE4384EA ZE4385EA ZE4386EA ZE4400 ZE4400 ZE4401US ZE4402US ZE4403EA ZE4404EA ZE4405EA ZE4407EA ZE4408EA ZE4409EA ZE4410AK ZE4410AP ZE4410CA ZE4410EA ZE4411AP ZE4412AP ZE4413AP ZE4414AP ZE4414EA ZE4415AP ZE4415EA ZE4416AP ZE4416EA ZE4417EA ZE4420CA ZE4420US ZE4423EA ZE4424EA ZE4424US ZE4425EA ZE4427WM ZE4428EA ZE4430US ZE4453EA ZE4454EA ZE4455EA ZE4500 ZE4500 ZE4501US ZE4502US ZE4504EA ZE4505EA ZE4507EA ZE4508EA ZE4509EA ZE4510AP ZE4510EA ZE4510OM ZE4511EA ZE4512EA ZE4513EA ZE4514EA ZE4516EA ZE4518EA ZE4519EA ZE4520AP ZE4520EA ZE4521AP ZE4521EA ZE4522AP ZE4522EA ZE4523AP ZE4523EA ZE4524EA ZE4525EA ZE4525US ZE4526EA ZE4530US ZE4540CA ZE4540US ZE4545US ZE4546SR ZE4547WM ZE4550ST ZE4560US ZE4565QV ZE4600 ZE4600 ZE4601US ZE4603EA ZE4604EA ZE4605EA ZE4610EA ZE4610US ZE4612EA ZE4614EA ZE4615EA ZE4630US ZE4710EA ZE4715EA ZE4717EA ZE4718EA ZE4719EA ZE4725EA ZE4728EA ZE4800 CTO ZE4801EA ZE4803US ZE4805US ZE4805WM ZE4810US ZE4815EA ZE4819EA ZE4820EA ZE4821EA ZE4828EA ZE5000 ZE5100 ZE5155 ZE5160 ZE5165 ZE5170 ZE5185 ZE5190 ZE5200 ZE5207 ZE5217 ZE5228 ZE5232 ZE5236 ZE5238 ZE5240 ZE5242 ZE5244 ZE5250 ZE5252 ZE5258 ZE5262 ZE5270 ZE5279 ZE5300 ZE5307LA ZE5315EA ZE5320AP ZE5320EA ZE5325EA ZE5339EA ZE5343EA ZE5344EA ZE5345EA ZE5345US ZE5354EA ZE5357LA ZE5360EA ZE5362EA ZE5365US ZE5375US ZE5385CA ZE5385US ZE5395US ZE5400 ZE5407LA ZE5410AP ZE5413EA ZE5414EA ZE5415AP ZE5415EA ZE5416EA ZE5417LA ZE5418EA ZE5420EA ZE5425EA ZE5426EA ZE5427LA ZE5430EA ZE5440EA ZE5443EA ZE5445EA ZE5446EA ZE5447LA ZE5451US ZE5457LA ZE5460EA ZE5460US ZE5462EA ZE5467LA ZE5468CL ZE5470US ZE5475CA ZE5477LA ZE5477WM ZE5478CL ZE5490US ZE5497LA ZE5500 ZE5501US ZE5504EA ZE5505EA ZE5506EA ZE5507EA ZE5510AP ZE5510EA ZE5511AP ZE5511EA ZE5512AP ZE5512EA ZE5513AP ZE5514AP ZE5515AP ZE5515EA ZE5516AP ZE5516EA ZE5517AP ZE5517EA ZE5518AP ZE5519AP ZE5519EA ZE5520EA ZE5521AP ZE5521EA ZE5522AP ZE5523AP ZE5523EA ZE5524AP ZE5524EA ZE5525AP ZE5525EA ZE5526AP ZE5526EA ZE5527EA ZE5528EA ZE5529EA ZE5530EA ZE5531EA ZE5532EA ZE5533EA ZE5534EA ZE5535EA ZE5537LA ZE5547WM ZE5560US ZE5565QV ZE5568CL ZE5570US ZE5575SR ZE5580US ZE5587LA ZE5590US ZE5600 ZE5601AP ZE5601EA ZE5602AP ZE5602EA ZE5602US ZE5603AP ZE5603EA ZE5604AP ZE5604EA ZE5604RS ZE5605AP ZE5605EA ZE5605SR ZE5607EA ZE5607WM ZE5608AP ZE5609AP ZE5609EA ZE5610AP ZE5610CA ZE5610EA ZE5611AP ZE5611EA ZE5612AP ZE5612EA ZE5613AP ZE5613EA ZE5614AP ZE5614EA ZE5615AP ZE5615CA ZE5615EA ZE5615SR ZE5616AP ZE5616EA ZE5617AP ZE5617EA ZE5617WM ZE5618EA ZE5619EA ZE5620EA ZE5620US ZE5622EA ZE5623EA ZE5624EA ZE5626EA ZE5630US ZE5631EA ZE5635EA ZE5636EA ZE5637LA ZE5638EA ZE5640EA ZE5645EA ZE5647LA ZE5701US ZE5731US ZE5738RS ZE5739CL ZE7185