Toshiba DC IN Cable

Toshiba Satellite C670 C670D C675 C675D L770 L770D L775 L775D H000030890 H000030900 AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable Wire Harness
Toshiba Satellite C670 C670D C675 C675D L770 L770D L775 L775D H000030890 H000030900 AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable Wire Harness
  • Model: B059071

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Toshiba Satellite C670 C670D C675 C675D L770 L770D L775 L775D Series Genuine OEM Original AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port with Cable DC IN Cable Wire Harness Replacement Assembly Plug IN
Item SKU: B059071
Alt P/N.: H000030890 H000030900
Item Specification:
 2.5mm Central Pin DC Power Jack
 Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable
 Overall Length Approx 17cm
 4-Wire 4-Pin, Plug In
Item Status: New, Geunine OEM Original, Top Quality
Compatible Laptop Models:
 Toshiba Satellite C670 Series
 Toshiba Satellite C670D Series
 Toshiba Satellite C675 Series
 Toshiba Satellite C675D Series
 Toshiba Satellite L770 Series
 Toshiba Satellite L770D Series
 Toshiba Satellite L775 Series
 Toshiba Satellite L775D Series
Compatible Laptop Details:
 Toshiba Satellite C670 Series: C670-xxx C670-00V C670-006 C670-01D C670-015 C670-024 C670-03F C670-03G C670-10P C670-11W C670-12E C670-12U C670-12P C670-12X C670-13G C670-13H C670-13Q C670-14N C670-14P C670-15F C670-15W C670-15Z C670-16K C670-17L C670-17C C670-17D C670-104 C670-105 C670-106 C670-108 C670-109 C670-110 C670-111 C670-112 C670-113 C670-114 C670-115 C670-120 C670-121 C670-122 C670-123 C670-124 C670-125 C670-126 C670-127 C670-128 C670-129 C670-130 C670-131 C670-132 C670-133 C670-134 C670-135 C670-137 C670-145 C670-149 C670-150 C670-152 C670-153 C670-154 C670-162 C670-163 C670-165 C670-167 C670-169 C670-172 C670-173 C670-174 C670-176 C670-178 C670-181 C670-183 C670-184 C670-185 C670-186 C670-188 C670-189 C670-198 C670-199
 Toshiba Satellite C670D Series: C670D-xxx C670D-00U C670D-01D C670D-01P C670D-10F C670D-10M C670D-10W C670D-11G C670D-11K C670D-11R C670D-12N C670D-12Z C670D-13K C670D-15 C670D-15W C670D-16T C670D-108 C670D-110 C670D-111 C670D-112 C670D-114 C670D-115 C670D-120 C670D-121 C670D-122 C670D-123 C670D-125 C670D-126 C670D-134 C670D-135 C670D-199
 Toshiba Satellite C675 Series: C675-Sxxxx C675-S7101 C675-S7103 C675-S7104 C675-S7105 C675-S7106 C675-S7108 C675-S7109 C675-S7133 C675-S7200 C675-S7212 C675-S7308 C675-S7318 C675-S7321 C675-S7322 C675-S7325 C675-S7328
 Toshiba Satellite C675 Series: C675D-Sxxxx C675D-S7101 C675D-S7103 C675D-S7104 C675D-S7106 C675D-S7109 C675D-S7200 C675D-S7212 C675D-S7310 C675D-S7325 C675D-S7328
 Toshiba Satellite L770 Series: L770-xxxxxx L770-BT4N22 L770-BT4NX1 L770-BT5NX2 L770-BT6NX1
 Toshiba Satellite L770D Series: L770D-xxxxxx L770D-BT5N11 L770D-BT5N22 L770D-ST4N01 L770D-ST5NX1 L770D-ST6NX1 Pro L770-EZ1710
 Toshiba Satellite L775 Series: L775-xxxxx L775-11 L775-12 L775-13 L775-14 L775-15 L775-16 L775-17 L775-18 L775-19 L775-S7105 L775-119 L775-124 L775-125 L775-127 L775-161 L775-166 L775-194 L775-196 L775-197 L775-S5153 L775-S5161 L775-S5170 L775-S5214 L775-S5216 L775-S5217 L775-S5242 L775-S5244 L775-S5246 L775-S5255 L775-S5256 L775-S5271 L775-S5349 L775-S5360 L775-S7102 L775-S7105 L775-S7111 L775-S7114 L775-S7130 L775-S7135 L775-S7140 L775-S7206 L775-S7240 L775-S7241 L775-S7245 L775-S7248 L775-S7250 L775-S7307 L775-S7309 L775-S7340 L775-S7350 L775-S7352 L775-S7355
 Toshiba Satellite L775D Series: L775D-xxxxx L775D-10 L775D-11 L775D-13 L775D-14 L775D-106 L775D-107 L775D-111 L775D-112 L775D-128 L775D-146 L775D-148 L775D-S7107 L775D-S7108 L775D-S7110 L775D-S7112 L775D-S7132 L775D-S7135 L775D-S7206 L775D-S7210 L775D-S7220 L775D-S7220GR L775D-S7222 L775D-S7223 L775D-S7224 L775D-S7226 L775D-S7228 L775D-S7304 L775D-S7305 L775D-S7330 L775D-S7332 L775D-S7335 L775D-S7340 L775D-S7345

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