HP Compaq DC IN Cable

Compaq Presario CQ32 HP Pavilion DM4-1000 DM4-2000 DV4-4000 608273-001 615913-001 650457-001 6017B0256201 6017B0269001 AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable Wire Harness
Compaq Presario CQ32 HP Pavilion DM4-1000 DM4-2000 DV4-4000 608273-001 615913-001 650457-001 6017B0256201 6017B0269001 AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable Wire Harness
  • Model: B058041

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Compaq Presario CQ32 HP Pavilion DM4-1000 DM4-2000 DV4-4000 Series Genuine OEM Original AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port with Cable DC IN Cable Wire Harness Replacement Assembly Plug IN
Item SKU: B058041
Alt P/N.: 608273-001 615913-001 650457-001 6017B0256201 6017B0269001
Item Specification:
 Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable
 Overall Length Approx 6cm
 7-Wire 7-Pin, Plug In
Item Status: New, Geunine OEM Original, Top Quality
Compatible Laptop Models:
 Compaq Presario CQ32 CQ32-xxx Series
 HP Pavilion DM4 DM4-1000 DM4-1xxx DM4T-1000 DM4T-1xxx Series
 HP Pavilion DM4 DM4-2000 DM4-2xxx DM4T-2000 DM4T-2xxx Series
 HP Pavilion DV4-4000 DV4-4xxx Series
Compatible Laptop Details:
 Compaq Presario CQ32 All CQ32-xxx Series
 HP Pavilion DM4 Series: DM4-1000 DM4-1001TU DM4-1001TX DM4-1002TU DM4-1002TX DM4-1003TX DM4-1004TU DM4-1004TX DM4-1004XX DM4-1005TX DM4-1006TU DM4-1006TX DM4-1007TU DM4-1008TU DM4-1008TX DM4-1009TU DM4-1009TX DM4-1010EG DM4-1010TU DM4-1010TX DM4-1012TX DM4-1013TX DM4-1014TX DM4-1015TX DM4-1016TX DM4-1017TX DM4-1018TX DM4-1019TX DM4-1020TX DM4-1021TX DM4-1022TX DM4-1023TX DM4-1024TX DM4-1027TX DM4-1028TX DM4-1029TX DM4-1030EZ DM4-1030TX DM4-1031TX DM4-1032TX DM4-1032TX DM4-1033TX DM4-1034TX DM4-1035TX DM4-1036TX DM4-1040TX DM4-1041TX DM4-1042TX DM4-1043TX DM4-1046TX DM4-1047TX DM4-1048TX DM4-1050CA DM4-1050EA DM4-1050ET DM4-1050SO DM4-1050SS DM4-1055BR DM4-1060EA DM4-1060EE DM4-1060SF DM4-1060SS DM4-1060US DM4-1062NR DM4-1063CL DM4-1063HE DM4-1065DX DM4-1070EE DM4-1070EF DM4-1070SF DM4-1075BR DM4-1080EA DM4-1080EE DM4-1080SF DM4-1090EE DM4-1090lA DM4-1095BR DM4-1100 DM4-1100EE DM4-1100EG DM4-1100ER DM4-1100SA DM4-1100SE DM4-1101EA DM4-1101EE DM4-1101TX DM4-1102TX DM4-1103TU DM4-1103TX DM4-1106TX DM4-1107TX DM4-1108TX DM4-1109TX DM4-1110EW DM4-1110TX DM4-1111TX DM4-1112TX DM4-1113TX DM4-1114TX DM4-1116TX DM4-1117TX DM4-1118TX DM4-1119TX DM4-1120TX DM4-1121TX DM4-1122TX DM4-1123TX DM4-1124TX DM4-1124TX DM4-1125TX DM4-1140EZ DM4-1140SA DM4-1150CA DM4-1150EA DM4-1150ED DM4-1150EE DM4-1150EF DM4-1150ES DM4-1150SS DM4-1155EE DM4-1155SS DM4-1160EF DM4-1160EO DM4-1160US DM4-1162EF DM4-1162SF DM4-1162US DM4-1164NR DM4-1165DX DM4-1165EO DM4-1170SF DM4-1173Cl DM4-1177EE DM4-1180EF DM4-1180ET DM4-1180LA DM4-1180SF DM4-1190LA DM4-1201TX DM4-1201US DM4-1202TU DM4-1202TX DM4-1203TU DM4-1204TU DM4-1205TX DM4-1207TX DM4-1209TX DM4-1210TX DM4-1211TX DM4-1212TX DM4-1213TX DM4-1217TX DM4-1218TX DM4-1219TX DM4-1219TX DM4-1220TX DM4-1221TX DM4-1222TX DM4-1224TX DM4-1250CA DM4-1253CL DM4-1265DX DM4-1273CA DM4-1275BR DM4-1275CA DM4-1277SB DM4-1280LA DM4-1290LA DM4-1300 DM4-1300EA DM4-1300EO DM4-1300ER DM4-1300ET DM4-1300EX DM4-1300ST DM4-1301EG DM4-1301SG DM4-1310EW DM4-1310SS DM4-1315ES DM4-1340EZ DM4-1350EN DM4-1350SF DM4-1360EF DM4-1360SF DM4-1380LA DM4-2000EA DM4-2000ED DM4-2000EO DM4-2000EP DM4-2000ER DM4-2000EX DM4-2000SG DM4-2000ST DM4-2000SX DM4-2001EP DM4-2001ER DM4-2010EN DM4-2010ES DM4-2010EW DM4-2010SO DM4-2015DX DM4-2020EN DM4-2020SN DM4-2030ES DM4-2030SS DM4-2033CL DM4-2033CL DM4-2035BR DM4-2040EE DM4-2040EZ DM4-2050ET DM4-2050ST DM4-2050US DM4-2053CA DM4-2055BR DM4-2055CA DM4-2058CA DM4-2060EF DM4-2060SF DM4-2065BR DM4-2070US DM4-2074NR DM4-2075BR DM4-2090LA DM4-2095BR DM4-2095LA DM4-2100EB DM4-2100ED DM4-2100EE DM4-2100EN DM4-2100ER DM4-2100ES DM4-2100EX DM4-2100SE DM4-2100SG DM4-2100SL DM4-2100SS DM4-2100ST DM4-2100SX DM4-2101EA DM4-2101EO DM4-2101ER DM4-2101SA DM4-2102EO DM4-2102ER DM4-2110EB DM4-2110EN DM4-2110EP DM4-2110EW DM4-2110SB DM4-2110SN DM4-2110SP DM4-2110SP DM4-2120EW DM4-2120SS DM4-2135BR DM4-2138EG DM4-2140EZ DM4-2150SF DM4-2153CA DM4-2155BR DM4-2160EF DM4-2160SF DM4-2165DX DM4-2170EN DM4-2170EO DM4-2175BR DM4-2180CA DM4-2180lA DM4-2180US DM4-2181NR DM4-2184NR DM4-2185BR DM4-2185CA DM4-2191US DM4-2195US DM4T-1000 CTO DM4T-1100 CTO DM4T-1200 CTO DM4T-2000 CTO DM4T-2100 CTO
 HP Pavilion DV4 DV4-4000 DV4-4xxx Series