HP Compaq DC IN Cable

HP Pavilion DV7-1000 DV7T-1000 480474-001 DC301004S00 AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable Wire Harness
HP Pavilion DV7-1000 DV7T-1000 480474-001 DC301004S00 AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable Wire Harness
  • Model: B058071

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HP Pavilion DV7-1000 DV7T-1000 Series Genuine OEM Original AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port with Cable DC IN Cable Wire Harness Replacement Assembly Plug IN
Item SKU: B058071
Alt P/N.: 480474-001 DC301004S00
Item Specification:
 Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable
 Overall Length Approx 24cm
 4-Wire 5-Pin, Plug In
Item Status: New, Geunine OEM Original, Top Quality
Compatible Laptop Models: HP Pavilion DV7-1000 DV7-1xxx DV7T-1000 DV7T-1xxx Series
Compatible Laptop Details:
 HP Pavilion DV7-1000 DV7-1xxx Series:  DV7-1000 Series DV7-1000EA DV7-1000EF DV7-1000EG DV7-1001EA DV7-1001EF DV7-1001EG DV7-1001TX DV7-1001XX DV7-1002EA DV7-1002TX DV7-1002XX DV7-1003EA DV7-1003EL DV7-1003EO DV7-1003TX DV7-1003XX DV7-1004EA DV7-1004TX DV7-1005EF DV7-1005EG DV7-1005EO DV7-1005ES DV7-1005TX DV7-1006TX DV7-1007EF DV7-1007TX DV7-1008EF DV7-1008EG DV7-1008TX DV7-1009TX DV7-1010ED DV7-1010EF DV7-1010EG DV7-1010EL DV7-1010EO DV7-1010EP DV7-1010ES DV7-1010ET DV7-1010TX DV7-1011TX DV7-1012TX DV7-1013TX DV7-1014CA DV7-1014TX DV7-1015EG DV7-1015EL DV7-1015EO DV7-1015TX DV7-1016NR DV7-1016TX DV7-1017EG DV7-1017TX DV7-1018EG DV7-1018TX DV7-1019TX DV7-1020EA DV7-1020EG DV7-1020EL DV7-1020EO DV7-1020ES DV7-1020EV DV7-1020EW DV7-1020TX DV7-1020US DV7-1021TX DV7-1022TX DV7-1023CL DV7-1023EM DV7-1023TX DV7-1024EL DV7-1024TX DV7-1025EG DV7-1025NR DV7-1025TX DV7-1026TX DV7-1027CA DV7-1027TX DV7-1029EG DV7-1029TX DV7-1030EB DV7-1030EF DV7-1030EG DV7-1030EL DV7-1030EN DV7-1030EO DV7-1030EP DV7-1030ES DV7-1030EV DV7-1030TX DV7-1031TX DV7-1032TX DV7-1033TX DV7-1034CA DV7-1034TX DV7-1035EF DV7-1035EM DV7-1035EO DV7-1035ES DV7-1038CA DV7-1040EC DV7-1040EF DV7-1040EM DV7-1040EO DV7-1040ES DV7-1040ET DV7-1040EW DV7-1045EG DV7-1045TX DV7-1048EZ DV7-1050EA DV7-1050EB DV7-1050ED DV7-1050EF DV7-1050EG DV7-1050EO DV7-1050ER DV7-1051XX DV7-1052XX DV7-1053EZ DV7-1053XX DV7-1055EA DV7-1060EC DV7-1060EF DV7-1060EG DV7-1060EL DV7-1060EM DV7-1060EN DV7-1060EO DV7-1060EP DV7-1060EW DV7-1060EZ DV7-1065EF DV7-1067EF DV7-1070EB DV7-1070ED DV7-1070EE DV7-1070EF DV7-1070EG DV7-1070EI DV7-1070EK DV7-1070EL DV7-1070EO DV7-1070EV DV7-1075LA DV7-1080ED DV7-1080EL DV7-1080EO DV7-1080ES DV7-1080EW DV7-1080EZ DV7-1090EB DV7-1090ED DV7-1090EN DV7-1090EO DV7-1090ER DV7-1092EO DV7-1093EO DV7-1094EO DV7-1095EO DV7-1098EO DV7-1099EF DV7-1100 Series DV7-1100EF DV7-1100EG DV7-1100EM DV7-1101EF DV7-1101EM DV7-1101TX DV7-1101XX DV7-1102TX DV7-1102XX DV7-1103EA DV7-1103EF DV7-1103TX DV7-1103XX DV7-1104TX DV7-1105EA DV7-1105EF DV7-1105EG DV7-1105EM DV7-1105TX DV7-1106EF DV7-1106EG DV7-1106TX DV7-1107EA DV7-1107EF DV7-1107EM DV7-1107TX DV7-1110EA DV7-1110EB DV7-1110ED DV7-1110EF DV7-1110EG DV7-1110EL DV7-1110EN DV7-1110EO DV7-1110ES DV7-1112EG DV7-1113EO DV7-1114EF DV7-1115EB DV7-1115EF DV7-1115EG DV7-1115EO DV7-1115EZ DV7-1116EF DV7-1117EF DV7-1117EM DV7-1118EG DV7-1118EO DV7-1119EF DV7-1119EM DV7-1120EB DV7-1120ED DV7-1120EF DV7-1120EG DV7-1120EL DV7-1120EM DV7-1120EO DV7-1120EW DV7-1122EG DV7-1123CA DV7-1123EF DV7-1123EG DV7-1123EO DV7-1125EA DV7-1125EB DV7-1125EF DV7-1125EG DV7-1125EO DV7-1125EZ DV7-1126EL DV7-1127CL DV7-1127EO DV7-1128CA DV7-1128EO DV7-1128EZ DV7-1129WM DV7-1130EA DV7-1130ED DV7-1130EG DV7-1130EI DV7-1130EL DV7-1130EN DV7-1130EO DV7-1130EV DV7-1130EW DV7-1130US DV7-1131EG DV7-1132EG DV7-1132NR DV7-1133CL DV7-1134EZ DV7-1134US DV7-1135EA DV7-1135EO DV7-1135NR DV7-1137EO DV7-1137US DV7-1140EB DV7-1140EC DV7-1140ED DV7-1140EG DV7-1140EK DV7-1140EN DV7-1140EO DV7-1140ES DV7-1140EW DV7-1145EB DV7-1145EF DV7-1145EG DV7-1145ES DV7-1150EB DV7-1150ED DV7-1150EF DV7-1150EG DV7-1150EJ DV7-1150ES DV7-1150ET DV7-1150EV DV7-1150EW DV7-1150US DV7-1151XX DV7-1153CA DV7-1155ES DV7-1155EZ DV7-1157CL DV7-1157ES DV7-1160EB DV7-1160ED DV7-1160EG DV7-1160EK DV7-1160EO DV7-1160EP DV7-1160ER DV7-1160ES DV7-1165EB DV7-1165EG DV7-1165ER DV7-1166EG DV7-1169ER DV7-1170EG DV7-1170EL DV7-1170EO DV7-1170EZ DV7-1170US DV7-1172EG DV7-1173ER DV7-1174CA DV7-1175EG DV7-1175EO DV7-1175ER DV7-1175NR DV7-1177CA DV7-1179ER DV7-1180EG DV7-1180EO DV7-1183CL DV7-1185EG DV7-1185NR DV7-1190EG DV7-1190EO DV7-1190ER DV7-1190ES DV7-1190ET DV7-1195EG DV7-1195EO DV7-1195ER DV7-1196EG DV7-1198EG DV7-1199EC DV7-1199ED DV7-1199EF DV7-1199EG DV7-1199EL DV7-1199EO DV7-1199ES DV7-1199EV DV7-1199EW DV7-1199EZ DV7-1200 Series DV7-1200EG DV7-1200EO DV7-1201EF DV7-1201EG DV7-1201TX DV7-1201XX DV7-1202EF DV7-1202TX DV7-1203EF DV7-1203EM DV7-1203TX DV7-1204EF DV7-1204EG DV7-1204TX DV7-1205EF DV7-1205EG DV7-1205EO DV7-1205TX DV7-1206EF DV7-1206EL DV7-1206EZ DV7-1206TX DV7-1207EF DV7-1207TX DV7-1208EF DV7-1208EZ DV7-1208TX DV7-1209EF DV7-1209EM DV7-1209TX DV7-1210EA DV7-1210ED DV7-1210EF DV7-1210EG DV7-1210EL DV7-1210EO DV7-1210ER DV7-1210ET DV7-1210TX DV7-1211EA DV7-1211TX DV7-1212EA DV7-1212TX DV7-1213EA DV7-1213TX DV7-1214EA DV7-1214TX DV7-1215EF DV7-1215EG DV7-1215EO DV7-1215ER DV7-1215EZ DV7-1215TX DV7-1216TX DV7-1217EF DV7-1220EB DV7-1220ED DV7-1220EF DV7-1220EG DV7-1220EL DV7-1220EM DV7-1220EO DV7-1220ER DV7-1220ES DV7-1220EW DV7-1222EZ DV7-1223CA DV7-1225EF DV7-1225EO DV7-1225EZ DV7-1228CA DV7-1230EB DV7-1230ED DV7-1230EG DV7-1230EO DV7-1230ET DV7-1230EW DV7-1230EZ DV7-1232NR DV7-1233EO DV7-1235EO DV7-1236EZ DV7-1240EB DV7-1240ED DV7-1240EK DV7-1240EL DV7-1240EO DV7-1240US DV7-1243CL DV7-1245CA DV7-1245DX DV7-1245EF DV7-1245EO DV7-1247CL DV7-1249EF DV7-1250EB DV7-1250ED DV7-1250EG DV7-1250EN DV7-1250EO DV7-1250EP DV7-1250ES DV7-1251EG DV7-1252EG DV7-1253CA DV7-1253EO DV7-1255EO DV7-1260EK DV7-1260EO DV7-1260ES DV7-1260EW DV7-1260US DV7-1261WM DV7-1262EG DV7-1262US DV7-1264NR DV7-1265EO DV7-1267CL DV7-1270CA DV7-1270EG DV7-1270EO DV7-1270ES DV7-1270EZ DV7-1270US DV7-1273CL DV7-1273EO DV7-1275DX DV7-1275EO DV7-1279WM DV7-1280EC DV7-1280EG DV7-1280ES DV7-1280EW DV7-1285DX DV7-1289EG DV7-1290EG DV7-1290EO DV7-1298EL DV7-1299EB DV7-1299ED DV7-1299EF DV7-1299EL DV7-1299ES DV7-1299EW DV7-1400 Series DV7-1424NR DV7-1426NR DV7-1428CA DV7-1444US DV7-1448CA DV7-1448DX DV7-1450US DV7-1451NR DV7-1464NR DV7-1468NR DV7T-1000 CTO DV7T-1100 CTO DV7T-1200 CTO