HP Compaq DC IN Cable

Compaq Presario CQ71 HP Pavilion DV7-2000 DV7-3000 G71 536857-001 531864-001 AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable Wire Harness
  • Compaq Presario CQ71 HP Pavilion DV7-2000 DV7-3000 G71 536857-001 531864-001 AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable Wire Harness
  • Compaq Presario CQ71 HP Pavilion DV7-2000 DV7-3000 G71 536857-001 531864-001 AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable Wire Harness
Compaq Presario CQ71 HP Pavilion DV7-2000 DV7-3000 G71 536857-001 531864-001 AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable Wire Harness
  • Model: B058191 B058192

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Compaq Presario CQ71 HP Pavilion DV7-2000 DV7-3000 G71 Series Genuine OEM Original AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port with Cable DC IN Cable Wire Harness Replacement Assembly Plug IN

Compatible Laptop Models:
 Compaq Presario CQ71 CQ71-xxx Series
 HP Pavilion DV7-2000 DV7-2xxx Series
 HP Pavilion DV7T-2000 DV7T-2xxx Series
 HP Pavilion DV7-3000 DV7-3xxx Series
 HP G71 G71-300 G71-400 G71-xxx Series
 HP G71T G71T-300 G71T-400 G71T-xxx Series

We have two SKU in choice, most of the above laptop models use B058191 (6-Wire 6-Pin), some special laptops use B058192 (6+2 Wires, 6+2 Pins), please check the original cable in your laptop and order the correct one.

Item SKU: B058191
Alt P/N.: 536857-001 531864-001
Item Specification:
 Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable
 Overall Length Approx 23cm
 6-Wire 6-Pin, Plug In
Item Status: New, Geunine OEM Original, Top Quality

Item SKU: B058192
Alt P/N.: 536857-001 531864-001
Item Specification:
 Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable
 Overall Length Approx 23cm
 6+2 Wires, 6+2 Pins, Plug In
Item Status: New, Geunine OEM Original, Top Quality

Compatible Laptop Details:
 Compaq Presario CQ71 Series: CQ71-100 CQ71-100EO CQ71-101XX CQ71-103EF CQ71-103SF CQ71-105EE CQ71-105EF CQ71-105EO CQ71-105SF CQ71-110ED CQ71-110EG CQ71-110EL CQ71-110EO CQ71-110EV CQ71-110SF CQ71-115EF CQ71-115SF CQ71-120ED CQ71-120EF CQ71-120EG CQ71-120EO CQ71-125EO CQ71-128EZ CQ71-130EB CQ71-130ES CQ71-130SA CQ71-135SA CQ71-140EA CQ71-140EB CQ71-140SA CQ71-145EZ CQ71-150EB CQ71-150EK CQ71-150ES CQ71-150EW CQ71-200 CQ71-200SB CQ71-200SO CQ71-203EF CQ71-203EO CQ71-203SF CQ71-205EO CQ71-205SG CQ71-210ED CQ71-210EF CQ71-210EG CQ71-210EI CQ71-210ER CQ71-210SA CQ71-210SF CQ71-210SO CQ71-210SR CQ71-210SV CQ71-212SF CQ71-215ER CQ71-215SF CQ71-220EB CQ71-220EF CQ71-220EG CQ71-220EK CQ71-220EL CQ71-220SO CQ71-220SS CQ71-223EG CQ71-225SO CQ71-229SZ CQ71-230EB CQ71-230ED CQ71-230EG CQ71-230EW CQ71-230SA CQ71-230SO CQ71-235EO CQ71-235SA CQ71-235SO CQ71-240EB CQ71-240SG CQ71-240SS CQ71-245EB CQ71-249EZ CQ71-250EP CQ71-250SB CQ71-250SO CQ71-255EO CQ71-260SO CQ71-300 CQ71-300SB CQ71-300SG CQ71-302ER CQ71-305SA CQ71-305SF CQ71-305SG CQ71-306EI CQ71-306EW CQ71-307SZ CQ71-308EZ CQ71-310EG CQ71-310EM CQ71-310EP CQ71-310ES CQ71-310SB CQ71-310SD CQ71-310SF CQ71-310SG CQ71-310SV CQ71-311SF CQ71-312SA CQ71-314SA CQ71-315ER CQ71-315SF CQ71-317EA CQ71-317SG CQ71-318SO CQ71-319EZ CQ71-320ED CQ71-320EG CQ71-320EM CQ71-320ER CQ71-320SA CQ71-320SB CQ71-320SF CQ71-320SG CQ71-324SO CQ71-325EG CQ71-325SG CQ71-326SO CQ71-327EO CQ71-330EB CQ71-330ED CQ71-330EM CQ71-340EM CQ71-350EK CQ71-350EO CQ71-350SB CQ71-350SG CQ71-355EG CQ71-400 CQ71-401SA CQ71-402SA CQ71-403EO CQ71-403SA CQ71-403SF CQ71-405EF CQ71-405SF CQ71-405SO CQ71-409SZ CQ71-410ED CQ71-410EF CQ71-410EK CQ71-410EM CQ71-410EP CQ71-410EW CQ71-410SF CQ71-410SG CQ71-410SO CQ71-410SS CQ71-411EG CQ71-411EZ CQ71-412EG CQ71-412EO CQ71-412SF CQ71-412SO CQ71-412SZ CQ71-413EO CQ71-413EZ CQ71-413SG CQ71-414SF CQ71-414SZ CQ71-415EG CQ71-415SO CQ71-416EG CQ71-416EO CQ71-417EG CQ71-420ED CQ71-420EG CQ71-420EK CQ71-420EM CQ71-420ER CQ71-420EW CQ71-420SB CQ71-420SF CQ71-420SM CQ71-420SO CQ71-421SG CQ71-425ER CQ71-430EM CQ71-430EP CQ71-430ER CQ71-440EB CQ71-450EV CQ71-450SB CQ71-466SB CQ71-489EZ
 HP Pavilion DV7-2000 DV7-2xxx Series: DV7-2000 DV7-2001ET DV7-2001TX DV7-2001XX DV7-2002TU DV7-2002TX DV7-2003TX DV7-2004TX DV7-2005EG DV7-2005EL DV7-2005EO DV7-2005TX DV7-2006TX DV7-2007TX DV7-2008TX DV7-2009TX DV7-2010EB DV7-2010EG DV7-2010EO DV7-2010ES DV7-2010EV DV7-2010TX DV7-2011EG DV7-2011TX DV7-2012TX DV7-2013TX DV7-2014TX DV7-2015EF DV7-2015EG DV7-2015EO DV7-2015ES DV7-2015TX DV7-2016EG DV7-2016TX DV7-2017EG DV7-2018TX DV7-2019CA DV7-2019TX DV7-2020EB DV7-2020EF DV7-2020EK DV7-2020EO DV7-2020ES DV7-2020EV DV7-2020TX DV7-2021TX DV7-2022EG DV7-2022TX DV7-2023EG DV7-2025EF DV7-2025EG DV7-2025EO DV7-2025ES DV7-2027EO DV7-2030EA DV7-2030EB DV7-2030EF DV7-2030EO DV7-2030ER DV7-2030ES DV7-2030EV DV7-2030SF DV7-2033EF DV7-2033EG DV7-2033SF DV7-2034EG DV7-2035EF DV7-2035EG DV7-2035EO DV7-2035ES DV7-2035EZ DV7-2036EG DV7-2037EF DV7-2037EG DV7-2037EZ DV7-2040CA DV7-2040EB DV7-2040ED DV7-2040EF DV7-2040EK DV7-2040EO DV7-2040SF DV7-2040US DV7-2043CL DV7-2044CA DV7-2045EA DV7-2045EG DV7-2045EO DV7-2045EZ DV7-2046EG DV7-2050EA DV7-2050ED DV7-2050EF DV7-2050EI DV7-2050EO DV7-2050ES DV7-2050EV DV7-2051ET DV7-2055EG DV7-2055EO DV7-2055EW DV7-2055EZ DV7-2057EO DV7-2058EO DV7-2060ED DV7-2060EF DV7-2060EG DV7-2060EN DV7-2060EO DV7-2060EZ DV7-2065EF DV7-2065EG DV7-2065EO DV7-2070EA DV7-2070ED DV7-2070EF DV7-2070EG DV7-2070EO DV7-2070EW DV7-2075EG DV7-2075EO DV7-2078CA DV7-2080EB DV7-2080EC DV7-2080ED DV7-2080EG DV7-2080EL DV7-2080EN DV7-2080EO DV7-2080EP DV7-2080ES DV7-2080EV DV7-2080EW DV7-2085EL DV7-2085EO DV7-2088EZ DV7-2090EC DV7-2090EG DV7-2090EH DV7-2090EL DV7-2090EO DV7-2090EQ DV7-2092EO DV7-2100 DV7-2100EG DV7-2101TX DV7-2102TX DV7-2103TX DV7-2104TX DV7-2105EZ DV7-2105TX DV7-2107TX DV7-2108TX DV7-2109TX DV7-2110EB DV7-2110EG DV7-2110ER DV7-2110EV DV7-2110SA DV7-2110SF DV7-2110SO DV7-2110SS DV7-2110TX DV7-2111EO DV7-2111ER DV7-2111TX DV7-2111US DV7-2112EG DV7-2112EO DV7-2112TX DV7-2113EO DV7-2113SF DV7-2114EO DV7-2114ES DV7-2114TX DV7-2115EG DV7-2115EO DV7-2115ES DV7-2115SF DV7-2116ES DV7-2117SF DV7-2117TX DV7-2118SF DV7-2118TX DV7-2120ED DV7-2120EF DV7-2120EG DV7-2120ER DV7-2120EV DV7-2120SA DV7-2120SB DV7-2120SF DV7-2120SN DV7-2120SO DV7-2120SS DV7-2120TX DV7-2121EO DV7-2121TX DV7-2122EO DV7-2122TX DV7-2123EO DV7-2123TX DV7-2124EO DV7-2124EZ DV7-2124TX DV7-2125EG DV7-2125EO DV7-2125SF DV7-2125TX DV7-2126EO DV7-2126EZ DV7-2126TX DV7-2127EO DV7-2127EZ DV7-2127SF DV7-2128EO DV7-2128TX DV7-2129EO DV7-2130EG DV7-2130EO DV7-2130ER DV7-2130EV DV7-2130SB DV7-2130SF DV7-2133EG DV7-2133EO DV7-2133ET DV7-2135EB DV7-2135EO DV7-2135SF DV7-2138EF DV7-2138SF DV7-2140EB DV7-2140ED DV7-2140EG DV7-2140EO DV7-2140EV DV7-2140SF DV7-2141EO DV7-2142EG DV7-2143SG DV7-2145EF DV7-2145EG DV7-2150EB DV7-2150EG DV7-2150EI DV7-2150EK DV7-2150EP DV7-2150ES DV7-2150EZ DV7-2155EG DV7-2155EW DV7-2157CA DV7-2160EB DV7-2160ED DV7-2160EF DV7-2160EG DV7-2160EP DV7-2165EF DV7-2165SG DV7-2170EB DV7-2170ED DV7-2170EF DV7-2170EG DV7-2170EK DV7-2170EL DV7-2170ES DV7-2170US DV7-2173CA DV7-2173CL DV7-2174CA DV7-2175EG DV7-2177CL DV7-2180EB DV7-2180EC DV7-2180ED DV7-2180EG DV7-2180EL DV7-2180ES DV7-2180EW DV7-2180US DV7-2185DX DV7-2185EB DV7-2190EB DV7-2190EC DV7-2190EF DV7-2190EL DV7-2190EN DV7-2190EQ DV7-2195EO DV7-2198EO DV7-2200 DV7-2200EB DV7-2201TX DV7-2202TX DV7-2204TX DV7-2205EB DV7-2206TX DV7-2210EG DV7-2210EH DV7-2210ET DV7-2210EV DV7-2210SB DV7-2210TX DV7-2211TX DV7-2212EF DV7-2212EG DV7-2212SF DV7-2212TX DV7-2213TX DV7-2215EB DV7-2215EG DV7-2215EL DV7-2215SA DV7-2215SF DV7-2220EB DV7-2220EC DV7-2220EF DV7-2220EG DV7-2220EL DV7-2220EN DV7-2220EP DV7-2220EQ DV7-2220EV DV7-2220SF DV7-2220SS DV7-2221EZ DV7-2225EF DV7-2225SF DV7-2225SG DV7-2225SS DV7-2226SS DV7-2227SF DV7-2230EA DV7-2230EB DV7-2230EG DV7-2230EK DV7-2230EN DV7-2230ES DV7-2230EV DV7-2230SA DV7-2230SF DV7-2232ES DV7-2235EB DV7-2235ES DV7-2237EZ DV7-2238SF DV7-2240EB DV7-2240EF DV7-2240ES DV7-2250EB DV7-2250ED DV7-2250EI DV7-2250EM DV7-2250ER DV7-2250EZ DV7-2250SF DV7-2251TX DV7-2255ER DV7-2255SF DV7-2260ED DV7-2260EF DV7-2260ER DV7-2270EF DV7-2270EO DV7-2270ER DV7-2270US DV7-2273CA DV7-2273CL DV7-2275EO DV7-2277CL DV7-2278CA DV7-2280EF DV7-2280EO DV7-2281EO DV7-2282EO DV7-2285EO DV7-2290EO DV7-2301NR DV7T-2000 CTO DV7T-2200
 HP Pavilion DV7-3000 DV7-3xxx Series: DV7-3000 DV7-3000EB DV7-3000SL DV7-3001TX DV7-3001XX DV7-3002TX DV7-3003EL DV7-3003TX DV7-3004EB DV7-3004EL DV7-3004TX DV7-3005EB DV7-3005EG DV7-3005EW DV7-3005SF DV7-3006TX DV7-3007EL DV7-3007SG DV7-3007TX DV7-3008TX DV7-3010EB DV7-3010EG DV7-3010EN DV7-3010ER DV7-3010EW DV7-3010SF DV7-3010SG DV7-3010SO DV7-3010SS DV7-3011EO DV7-3012EO DV7-3013EO DV7-3014EO DV7-3015EG DV7-3015EO DV7-3015EW DV7-3015SF DV7-3016EO DV7-3017EZ DV7-3017SO DV7-3020EA DV7-3020EB DV7-3020ED DV7-3020EG DV7-3020EL DV7-3020EN DV7-3020ES DV7-3020ET DV7-3020EW DV7-3020SA DV7-3021EA DV7-3021EO DV7-3024CA DV7-3025SF DV7-3025SS DV7-3028CA DV7-3030EB DV7-3030ED DV7-3030EG DV7-3030EO DV7-3030EW DV7-3030SF DV7-3036EZ DV7-3039EZ DV7-3040EV DV7-3048CA DV7-3050EB DV7-3050EC DV7-3050EG DV7-3050ER DV7-3051XX DV7-3056EZ DV7-3057NR DV7-3060CA DV7-3060EO DV7-3060SB DV7-3060US DV7-3061NR DV7-3063CL DV7-3065DX DV7-3067CL DV7-3067NR DV7-3069WM DV7-3070EB DV7-3070EZ DV7-3074CA DV7-3078NR DV7-3079NR DV7-3079WM DV7-3080CA DV7-3080ED DV7-3080EF DV7-3080EG DV7-3080US DV7-3085DX DV7-3089NR DV7-3090EB DV7-3090ED DV7-3090EG DV7-3090EO DV7-3090EP DV7-3090ER DV7-3090ES DV7-3098CA DV7-3099SB DV7-3100 DV7-3100EB DV7-3101EA DV7-3101SA DV7-3101TX DV7-3105EA DV7-3105sw DV7-3105sz DV7-3105TX DV7-3107TX DV7-3108TX DV7-3109TX DV7-3110EA DV7-3110EF DV7-3110EG DV7-3110ER DV7-3110ES DV7-3110EV DV7-3110SF DV7-3110SG DV7-3110SS DV7-3110sv DV7-3110sw DV7-3110TX DV7-3111EA DV7-3111SO DV7-3112EA DV7-3112EO DV7-3112SA DV7-3112TX DV7-3113EO DV7-3113TX DV7-3114EO DV7-3114TX DV7-3115EO DV7-3115EW DV7-3115TX DV7-3116EO DV7-3116TX DV7-3117EO DV7-3118EF DV7-3118SO DV7-3118TX DV7-3119EF DV7-3119EZ DV7-3120ED DV7-3120EG DV7-3120EO DV7-3120ES DV7-3120EV DV7-3120EW DV7-3120SF DV7-3120TX DV7-3121SO DV7-3122EO DV7-3124EO DV7-3125EF DV7-3125EG DV7-3125EL DV7-3125EO DV7-3125SF DV7-3125SG DV7-3126EG DV7-3126EO DV7-3126EZ DV7-3126TX DV7-3127EG DV7-3127TX DV7-3128CA DV7-3128EG DV7-3129ER DV7-3130ED DV7-3130EG DV7-3130EO DV7-3130EW DV7-3130SB DV7-3131EZ DV7-3133EL DV7-3133ER DV7-3133EZ DV7-3134EZ DV7-3135EG DV7-3135EO DV7-3135ER DV7-3136EZ DV7-3140EB DV7-3140ED DV7-3140EF DV7-3140EG DV7-3140EL DV7-3140ER DV7-3140ES DV7-3140SF DV7-3145EF DV7-3145ER DV7-3145SF DV7-3145sr DV7-3148CA DV7-3150EB DV7-3150ED DV7-3150EI DV7-3150EK DV7-3150EL DV7-3150EP DV7-3150EQ DV7-3150EZ DV7-3150SG DV7-3152CA DV7-3153CA DV7-3155EB DV7-3155EF DV7-3155EL DV7-3157CA DV7-3160EB DV7-3160EC DV7-3160ED DV7-3160EH DV7-3160EL DV7-3160EM DV7-3160EP DV7-3160ES DV7-3160US DV7-3162NR DV7-3163CL DV7-3163EF DV7-3164CL DV7-3165DX DV7-3165EB DV7-3165EF DV7-3165EL DV7-3165EV DV7-3166EB DV7-3166NR DV7-3167NR DV7-3169WM DV7-3170CA DV7-3170EB DV7-3170EG DV7-3170EL DV7-3170EM DV7-3170EO DV7-3170EP DV7-3170ES DV7-3170EY DV7-3170EZ DV7-3171NR DV7-3173CA DV7-3173NR DV7-3174CA DV7-3174NR DV7-3175EV DV7-3178CA DV7-3180EF DV7-3180ES DV7-3180EY DV7-3180SG DV7-3180US DV7-3183CL DV7-3183NR DV7-3186CL DV7-3187CL DV7-3188CL DV7-3190EC DV7-3190ED DV7-3190EG DV7-3190EI DV7-3190EM DV7-3190EO DV7-3190ES DV7-3190EV DV7-3190EY DV7-3197EO DV7-3198EO DV7-3199EO DV7-3199SB
 HP G71 Series: G71-300 G71-329WM G71-333CA G71-333NR G71-339CA G71-340US G71-343US G71-345CL G71-347CL G71-351CA G71-358NR G71-400 G71-430CA G71-437CA G71-441NR G71-442NR G71-445US G71-447US G71-448CL G71-449WM G71T-300CTO G71T-400 CTO