HP Compaq DC IN Cable

HP Pavilion DV8 DV8T HP Premium HDX18 HDX X18 8-Wire 8-Pin AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable Wire Harness
HP Pavilion DV8 DV8T HP Premium HDX18 HDX X18 8-Wire 8-Pin AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable Wire Harness
  • Model: B058101

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HP Pavilion DV8 DV8T HDX X18 Series Genuine OEM Original AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port with Cable DC IN Cable Wire Harness Replacement Assembly Plug IN
Item SKU: B058101
Item Specification:
 Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable
 Overall Length Approx 26cm
 8-Wire 8-Pin, Plug In
Item Status: New, Geunine OEM Original, Top Quality
Compatible Laptop Models:
 HP Pavilion DV8 DV8T DV8-1xxx DV8T-1xxx Series
 HP Premium HDX X18 HDX X18-1xxx Series
Compatible Laptop Details:
 HP Pavilion DV8 DV8T Series: DV8-1000 DV8-1000EB DV8-1001TX DV8-1001xx DV8-1002TX DV8-1003TX DV8-1003XX DV8-1004TX DV8-1005TX DV8-1006TX DV8-1007TX DV8-1008TX DV8-1009TX DV8-1010EL DV8-1010ER DV8-1010TX DV8-1050EG DV8-1050EP DV8-1050ES DV8-1080EA DV8-1080ED DV8-1090CA DV8-1090EF DV8-1090EV DV8-1090EZ DV8-1093CA DV8-1099EO DV8-1100 DV8-1100 CTO DV8-1100EB DV8-1101TX DV8-1102TX DV8-1103TX DV8-1104TX DV8-1105TX DV8-1106TX DV8-1107TX DV8-1108ED DV8-1108TX DV8-1110EA DV8-1110EB DV8-1110SW DV8-1140EP DV8-1150EL DV8-1150EP DV8-1150ER DV8-1150ES DV8-1150ET DV8-1177EZ DV8-1180ED DV8-1180EG DV8-1180EO DV8-1180EZ DV8-1190EE DV8-1190EF DV8-1190EG DV8-1190EO DV8-1190EZ DV8-1200 DV8-1200 CTO DV8-1200ED DV8-1200US DV8-1210EF DV8-1210EG DV8-1215EF DV8-1220EF DV8-1220EG DV8-1250EA DV8-1250EB DV8-1250ER DV8-1250ES DV8-1269EZ DV8-1277EZ DV8-1280EO DV8-1280EZ DV8-1285EZ DV8-1290EE DV8-1290EO DV8-1290EZ DV8-1295EZ DV8T DV8T-1000 DV8T-1000 CTO DV8T-1080ED DV8T-1100 DV8T-1100 CTO DV8T-1200 DV8T-1200 CTO
 HP Premium HDX18 HDX X18 Series: HDX X18-1000EO HDX X18-1001TX HDX X18-1001XX HDX X18-1002TX HDX X18-1003TX HDX X18-1004TX HDX X18-1005EA HDX X18-1005TX HDX X18-1006TX HDX X18-1007TX HDX X18-1008TX HDX X18-1009TX HDX X18-1010EA HDX X18-1010TX HDX X18-1011TX HDX X18-1012TX HDX X18-1013TX HDX X18-1014TX HDX X18-1015TX HDX X18-1016TX HDX X18-1017TX HDX X18-1018TX HDX X18-1020US HDX X18-1023CA HDX X18-1024CA HDX X18-1027CL HDX X18-1050EB HDX X18-1050EF HDX X18-1050ER HDX X18-1058CA HDX X18-1070EE HDX X18-1080ED HDX X18-1080EG HDX X18-1080EL HDX X18-1080EP HDX X18-1080ES HDX X18-1080ET HDX X18-1080EW HDX X18-1088EZ HDX X18-1090EZ HDX X18-1099UX HDX X18T-1000 CTO HP HDX X18-1100 series HDX X18-1100EO HDX X18-1101EA HDX X18-1101EG HDX X18-1101TX HDX X18-1102EA HDX X18-1102TX HDX X18-1103EA HDX X18-1103TX HDX X18-1104TX HDX X18-1105TX HDX X18-1106TX HDX X18-1107TX HDX X18-1108TX HDX X18-1109TX HDX X18-1110EG HDX X18-1110TX HDX X18-1111TX HDX X18-1112TX HDX X18-1113TX HDX X18-1114TX HDX X18-1115TX HDX X18-1116TX HDX X18-1120LA HDX X18-1150EF HDX X18-1155EE HDX X18-1175EE HDX X18-1180CA HDX X18-1180EB HDX X18-1180ED HDX X18-1180EF HDX X18-1180EL HDX X18-1180EP HDX X18-1180ES HDX X18-1180EW HDX X18-1180US HDX X18-1190EW HDX X18-1190EZ HDX X18T-1100 CTO HP HDX X18-1200 series HDX X18-1200EO HDX X18-1201EA HDX X18-1201TX HDX X18-1202TX HDX X18-1203TX HDX X18-1204TX HDX X18-1205TX HDX X18-1206TX HDX X18-1207TX HDX X18-1208TX HDX X18-1209TX HDX X18-1222EG HDX X18-1250EF HDX X18-1250EO HDX X18-1250ER HDX X18-1255EE HDX X18-1275EE HDX X18-1277EZ HDX X18-1280ED HDX X18-1280EL HDX X18-1280EP HDX X18-1280ES HDX X18-1280EW HDX X18-1290EW HDX X18-1290EZ HDX X18-1299EB HDX X18T-1200 CTO HP HDX X18-1300 series HDX X18-1301TX HDX X18-1310EG HDX X18-1320EA HDX X18-1320ER HDX X18-1350EF HDX X18-1350EO HDX X18-1374CA HDX X18-1378CA HDX X18-1380ED HDX X18-1380EP HDX X18-1380ES HDX X18-1380EZ HDX X18-1390EB HDX X18-1390EE HDX X18-1390EL HDX X18-1390EO HDX X18-1390EZ